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[Herald Interview] 'Korea strives to set global standards for data protection in generative AI era'

With the rise of generative artificial intelligence like ChatGPT, regulators across the world have s

Seoul shares open higher on US gains amid rate woes

Seoul shares opened higher Thursday, following gains on Wall Street, with investors remaining concer

S. Korea elected as member of UNESCO World Heritage Committee

South Korea has been elected to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee for a four-year term through 202

내년 총선, 정부여당 견제론 44% 지원론 44% '동률' [NBS]

영국을 국빈 방문 중인 윤석열 대통령이 21일(현지시간) 런던 호스가즈 광장에서 열린 공식환영식에서 찰스 3세 국왕과 함께 왕실 근위대를 사열하고 있다. 사진 대통령실.내년 총선

Spike in camping enthusiasts in Korea, yet camping etiquette lags behind

“This is not a campsite,” reads a banner that hangs prominently -- yet seemingly powerlessly -- in a

[KH Explains] Why Apple's iPhone15 is selling better in Korea than China, Japan

Apple’s latest iPhone 15 series is enjoying more popularity than its predecessor in Korea, bucking t

Story of first female leader of traveling entertainers reimagined

Meet Baudeogi, who was born to a poor peasant in Anseong in 1848 and joined the Namsadang, a traveli

김웅 “한동훈, 돌 좀 맞고 욕먹더라도 강남 3구서 출마해야”

김웅 국민의힘 의원이 17일 오전 경기 수원시 영통구 경기도청에서 열린 국회 행정안전위원회의 경기도에 대한 국정감사에서 질의를 하고 있다. 뉴스1김웅 국민의힘 의원이 내년 총선 출

Music industry seeks solution to ticket scalping through public discussion

The Record Label Industry Association of Korea’s petition to revise the ticket scalping law submitte

Pianist Kim Jun

Pianist Kim Jun-hyung, the second prize winner of the 2022 ARD International Music Competition’s pia
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